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Fencing Services for Kilmalcolm

When it comes to garden fencing in Kilmalcolm, we offer the best quality at the best price. We understand that no one has the same garden fencing needs and we will work with you to help find the right fencing at a reasonable price to suit your needs. We use only pressure-treated lumber that has been weatherproofed, allowing your garden to be fenced with top quality timber adding a beautiful natural appeal to your garden. We have a number of styles that can be used in your garden including the ever-popular 6ft Maryhill curved top fencing.

There are a number of reasons you may want to consider a fence for your garden in Kilmalcolm. Either a natural divide between houses, a bit more privacy or keep the kids safe. Perhaps your dog is running amok, getting off his lead and 'investigating' the Kilmalcolm community.

You may have considered garden fencing but as your wee dog is a digger, decided it would be a waste of time. Think about this: We can set your fence two feet into the ground. Even the most dedicated diggers have trouble tunnelling under garden fences that are set way. If you are worried that your dog companion may jump the fence, we have heights beginning at 3ft and going all the way up to 6ft high. Rarely do we find a pup dedicated enough to make it over the tallest fence we offer.

Fencing doesn't have to be unsightly; it can be just as lovely as the garden it surrounds. Our Kilmalcolm fencing experts will sit down with you, discuss what your garden fencing needs are, and determine the best product and style for your needs. We care about you and want to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to fencing your garden. Whether you are fencing for privacy, to keep in your lovely dog or simply to keep track of your garden boundaries, our crew is the one to call on.

Fencing Services in Kilmacolm

A range of options and looks

Kilmacolm site inspection

We being by carefully measuring to ensure we are not encroaching on your neighbour's garden. Once the boundaries have been determined, we get to work digging post holes to support the fencing lengths. Once this is accomplished, we pour in quick-set concrete and position the poles. After these set, we will then begin setting the fence. This process involves fastening the fence securely. In Kilmacolm, we custom build the garden gates if required. We then finish it off with your choice of hardware.

Close board fencing

A commonly used fencing material selected in Kilmacolm is termed close board. This fencing provides privacy as the boards are placed right next to one another and there are no gaps to peek through. These fences are taller than most and can have a number of designs at the top from a simple curve to ornate designs that are on each slate. We will show you a range of options with brochures from builders merchants, or you to have a look at B&Q etc.

Panel Fencing

Very similar to this is panel fence and is much like close board. It is also used for privacy but is constructed as a panel that can be installed in sections instead of one slate at a time. The top of it may also have a pattern or be shaped to provide a pleasing appearance.

Slatted Screen

Slatted screen fencing provides privacy, but also allows light to pass through and is often used atop brick walls. There are a variety of uses for slatted screen fencing which we can advise on which we do you free quote.

Picket Fence

One of the most recognised fences in Kilmacolm is the timeless picket fence. Picket fences provide a charming welcoming touch and for that reason are often selected to be used for the front garden

Trellis Fence

Lastly, we have the trellis. Trellis fencing can be either square or diamond and are commonly placed on top of existing fence to allow plants something to hold to as they grow. We can also advise on which plants to use too!


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